Sample ImageHow the Prom Project Works

Participating students are chosen through an application process.

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Once an application is received and reviewed, applicants are picked based on financial need. Girls are then invited to attend a “Boutique Day”. Here, girls are assisted by volunteers who serve as personal shoppers.

Once a dress is chosen the girls are then led to the Accessories section to pick an item to match their dresses. They can choose among earrings, necklaces, evening bags, shawls, and make-up. All items are free.

Supplied with a beautiful gown and accessory, the participants of Prom Project can now attend the prom with self-confidence and style.

The whole process is designed to raise the girls’ self-confidence by pampering them and celebrating their individual beauty.




Making Prom Dreams Come True!

Mission Statement

To collect and donate free prom dresses to high school senior girls from low income families,

thereby promoting self-confidence and individual beauty.



Sample  ImageThe Prom Project collects and donates free prom dresses to High School Senior Girls from low income families, thereby promoting self-confidence and individual beauty. In addition, volunteers are able to grow personally and professionally by giving their time and talent towards a worthy cause and keeping with the YWCA's mission to empower young women in the community.

Costs for attending the prom can be as much as $1000.00 and many high school girls from low income families cannot afford to buy a prom dress to attend.

The Prom Project was created in 2007 as a program for the YWCA of North Orange County in California. Co-founders, Jaehee Kim, her daughter Angie Kim and Diane Masseth-Jones, believe that every high school girl should have the opportunity to celebrate the milestone of her high school career by attending the prom with pride and in style. In order to break financial barriers, the Prom Project collects hundreds of new and gently-used dresses to distribute them to girls of low-income families.


Advisory Committee

  • Rosamaria Gomez-Amaro
  • Andrea O'Loughlin
  • Lisa Wozab
  • Carol Snow
  • Ansley Wozab
  • Johanna Hulme
  • Mona Mash
  • Chastity Ramos
  • Kathleen Prindle
  • Christine Wong
  • Theresa Green
  • Christina Medina
  • Diane Masseth-Jones